From healing to performance through human movement…..RootHealth provides health and functional performance training utilizing techniques from human movement science. Whether a person is one of the 133 million persons in the US suffering from a chronic health condition or needs to perform better for work or athletics, ours is the most effective and sustainable route to success.

Human Movement Science and Techniques

Human movement science encompasses human adaptation through exercise, nutrition, and environmental demands on the human body. We create and administer scientifically designed programs of health and performance development utilizing: nutritional counseling; prescriptive personalized physical conditioning programs; and applied recuperative therapies.

Precise. Personalized. Prescriptive.

We maximize the output and minimize the input. We do this with assessment and focus on specific actions with specific results for the ‘work’ or ‘training’. We do this while concentrating on building activities that are active and enjoyable for ‘exercise’.

Education, healthcare, physiological development

The 3 aspects of RootHealth are education, healthcare, and physiological development. An education and knowledge of the human body and the research and scientific underpinnings of how we affect the human body is necessary for the most optimal development under our services. All of our students/clients are encouraged to utilize our workbooks, videos, and blogs. Healthcare gives us the diagnostic platforms and point of view from practitioners of both alopathic and homeopathic medicine to optimize our outcomes. Physiological development is where a majority of time is spent working with RootHealth and applying the science that we’ve learned and following the outcomes of our testing.