RootHealth Service

RootHealth provides precision preventative health and functional performance training utilizing techniques from human movement science. Human movement science encompasses human adaptation through exercise, nutrition, and environmental demands on the human body. We create and administer scientifically designed programs of health and performance development utilizing: nutritional counseling; prescriptive personalized physical conditioning programs; stretch/percussion therapy for tissue restriction.

Education, healthcare, physiological development

The 3 aspects of RootHealth are education, healthcare, and physiological development. An education and knowledge of the human body and the research and scientific underpinnings of how we affect the human body is necessary for the most optimal development under our services. All of our students/clients are encouraged to utilize our workbooks, videos, and blogs. Healthcare gives us the diagnostic platforms and point of view from practitioners of both alopathic and homeopathic medicine to optimize our outcomes. Physiological development is where a majority of time is spent working with RootHealth and applying the science that we’ve learned and following the outcomes of our testing.

RootHealth History

RootHealth started as a collaboration between brother and sister, Jason-MS, CSCS (kinesiologist) and Rachel-PhD (psychologist) Root in Boise, ID. This mind/body duo set forth to optimally effect every patient/client by addressing both the mental and physical condition at once. Eventually, Jason moved to Los Angeles in order to work in a larger market of healthcare practitioners and clientele.

RootHealth Service Philosophy

The RootHealth philosophy is built on the premise of SUSTAINABLE development. Most programs try and place stresses on the body in order to ATTAIN a fast anatomical change. Unfortunately this approach can develop physiological imbalances that perpetuate injury and associated disruptions of the training process. In other words, the methods widely utilized today can lead to more side effects than actual long term health and performance gains.

We develop systematically and have better long term health outcomes with less effort than you ever thought possible! Our services are built upon scientific and experiential methods developed from physical therapy, athletic training, strength and conditioning, and exercise physiology. We are an OUTCOMES BASED COLLABORATIVE service. While our training and conditioning services will optimize the amount of resources needed to reach a goal (the optimally effective dose). The client does have to dedicate a certain amount of time, effort and, most of all, FOCUS in order to attain a certain outcome and meet a certain goal.

Therefore, all of our services are ‘programs’ of development. Think of every program like a college course for your body……there is a frequency of work, a beginning date, an end date, homework and an expected outcome of development for health or performance at the end of YOUR individual class (program). Every successive program lead to greater sustainable long term results. We make sure our clients have a mentality of success at the onset of services so that they get the outcome they are looking for.