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Foundational Strength and Conditioning

Foundational Conditioning is a training methodology based on the principle that the human body has a tiered physiology (functioning) as a whole (as represented in the graph to the right).  This means that we must have a tiered approach to conditioning the human body (as represented in the cycle below). This is true in whatever goal or context we are working toward whether that is athletic performance, returning to health from a condition or injury, or conditioning for activities of daily living.

Physiological Development Pyramid.jpg
Physiological Development Cycle.jpg

Health/Recovery: the absence of disease including chronic conditions such as metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease and chronic pain as well as the ability to perform daily activities without pain.  Recovery techniques help alleviate health related issues from over-training or under-activity. 

Recovery: Techniques used to maximize the body’s ability to heal and compensate from work.

Functional Mobility/Injury Resilience: The body’s ability to move in space with minimal risk of injury.  If one cannot move, one cannot perform. Elements trained are posture, gait, stabilization, balance, joint range of motion.

Functional Performance: Split into 3 tracks related to the body system that is primarily worked: cardiorespiratory, strength (neuromyofascial), motor (neurosensory). We build the foundations of movement.