The Human Reconstruction Project

This complete conditioning program is a permanent and comprehensive approach to eliminating chronic health conditions and keeping a functional athletic physiology** for a lifetime.  This program of development is often carried out for cycle of a year or more in which the student engages in activities dedicated to developing their body in a manner that leads to a sustained lifelong state of health, balance, strength and function.  We use Foundational Strength and Conditioning and the other methodologies described in the ‘approach’ section of this site to further development in athletics and advanced performance training.

This program is the most effective way to attain these goals by utilizing the least amount of time, energy, and discipline needed while producing UNPRECEDENTED RESULTS.

**Although some methods we use for athletic development may be more advanced, the process is the same.


Complimentary consultation: In the consultation, we assess goals, need, resources (time, equipment, etc), and fit for the program (both for the student and coach). Consultations are free of charge.

Intake (introduction package): Following the consultation are 5 sessions that combine assessments of the student’s current condition along with coaching of basic movement principles (including nutrition) that will be built upon throughout the program.  At the completion of the 5th session, the student and instructor collaborate on a program based on the results of the assessments as related to the student’s need.

Program: A customized program is designed from the information obtained so far. Programs include the following elements:

  • Diagnostics, assessment, screening, and monitoring-we partner with medical and preventative health companies and professionals to develop personalized diagnostic testing to attain an insight into the health and condition of the body for baselines and monitoring of outcomes.

  • Coaching-tailored to the student as an “in-person” or “remote” program

  • Education-videos and workbooks to support action

  • Gym design-for corporate or home locations

  • Nutritional Design-a non-medical dietary plan for optimal results.

  • IFM-manually assisted table work for mobility